Pondering randoblurry improvements

Perhaps a list of random words is not so fulfilling given it could be just 4 nouns which would be very difficult to put together in a sentence which would end up making no sense at all. What I learned from my discussion with Z is that I need a proportionate mix of parts of speech. Moreover I can have additional difficulty by using the words in ...

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New word game - randoblurry

How can I come up with something interesting, let alone inspiring, every day without an agenda or motivation? I thought of a game today. Randoblurry People suck miserably to draw “something” on a blank canvas. Apparently its not the canvas but them :flushed: Wish I possesed the child like ability to throw my brains away to a canvas without cari...

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No Year Resolution

New year resolution, except its a month too late Anti procrastination solution, something interesting to create One way internet pollution! I mindfully guard my gate Desultry involution, nor do I intend to ponder straight Grindful revolution, consistency sufficent to make great Delightful retribution, diminishing self hate Non promotry distribut...

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