New word game - randoblurry

How can I come up with something interesting, let alone inspiring, every day without an agenda or motivation?
I thought of a game today.


People suck miserably to draw “something” on a blank canvas. Apparently its not the canvas but them :flushed:
Wish I possesed the child like ability to throw my brains away to a canvas without caring about how well it actually looks!
Talking about kids drawing, that reminds me of color books! Which are easier on the brains since it overcomes the hurdle of drawing something. Once you have something to work with, you just grate your crayons on it till your stupid little brain is happy.

How about a analogous stupid little template for writing something probably inconsequential but fun?

  • Using some sort of wordlist to generate new words
  • Seeding the random number generator for today’s date (whichever satisfies your format-hunger, just consistent enough to be shared and enjoyed with friends)
  • Setting up a style (need to come up with multiple formats later)
  • Setting up a difficulty for a style (say generating 4 words at random to write a sentence comprising those words)
  • Profit

Well who cares if it makes any sense or not, alteast I had fun. Hoping someone else might too!
Here’s a quick python implementation (just for the sake of lazy nerds) (skip if you dont care and only care about the outcome)

from nltk.corpus import words
import random
wordlist = words.words()
seed = 20220202 #cant help myself laying my hands over this beauty
difficulty = 4
while True:
  ego_satisfied = input("more?\n")
  if ego_satisfied.lower()=="y":

Here we go -

['dandiacal', 'ciliary', 'Sacrificati', 'oysterous']
['unfittingly', 'retender', 'Kashube', 'Khorassan']
['unfainting', 'transvasation', 'legitimatist', 'Bretwaldaship']
['saltishly', 'stridence', 'hydrometric', 'progenitor']
['inestimably', 'overslur', 'benempt', 'featherwing']

I can’t belive that first set of words caught me offguard and I need to look up a dictionary.
It seems I need to look up for a more sensible dictionary (for a n00b like me ofcourse)
Or having faith on lord RNGeesus and waiting till tomorrow.
Interesting to know that there exist wordgames which I can explore on dictionary sites.