Trying out randoblurry

Interaction with a friend about randoblurry

Trying out the idea of randoblurry

Excited to play the new game I created, I asked a friend of mine if it seems reasonable. Let’s call her “Z” and me “D”.

Z: This doesn’t appear to be much fun.
D: Try out giving me some 4 random words of your choice.
Z: Alright.
Z: Fetish random obligatory meaningless
D: Z’s obligatory response to trigger word fetish of D might seem meaningless to some, but to him its his daily source of entertainment.
Z: Oh it was nice!
D: I know right!?
Z: Wait, I’ll read your blog again.
D: Sure, just imagine you will keep on giving 4 random words and I have to connect/extend the story with the context.
D: I feel the words I am getting by my approach in blog are kinda non-sensical to produce something meaningful.
Z: Gotcha, here you go with your words.
Z: derogatory pathway software wall
D: I can feel a derogatory wall between us, which is still blocking our pathway to communicate in a language of poetry called software.
Z: Oooooo.. How about inclusion, rarefraction, supersonic, behavioral
D: I bet you have a physics book in your hand.
Z: Yeah felt like studying but now I feel overdosed on caffiene.
D: Her brain is running at such supersonic speeds that I can observe a rarefraction of her thoughts, void of behavorial inclusion
Z: Nice!. Aggravate punish behold superior.
D: “Behold the superior Z!”, to punish her books, she proclaimed on the last gulp of black coffee, little did she know how it will agggravate her perception.
Z: Damn it!
D: These are not random enough :P
Z: Abrogated exhort flagrant cupidity
D: She considered her words random enough, only to be abrogated by D’s linking ability which he uses as a fragrant cologne to exhort her cupidity
Z: Probity, spurious, wily, fetter
Z: Oh wait, hey it was flagrant!
D: Thats how you plant to fetter his wily responses? Him missing a spelling should no way be considered spurious as he can still justify his probity by his flagrant capability to include words on the fly
Z: I am a fan already. Go with travesty, vociferous, iconoclast, largess
D: A travesty of Sassy Tharoor, whose vocabulary is actually her largess, this vociferous lad is a born grammatical iconoclast.
Z: Relegate, beguile, evanescent, maelstorm
D: Hmmmmm
D: He relegates her hard found words to beguile her into producing yet another set of evanescent words. Can she in any way stop this furious maelstorm growing hungry with each word fed?
Z: Oh lord you win, enough for today!