Hi, I am Himanshu Sheoran (alias deuterium), I am currently an RnD engineer at VMware working on CarbonBlack. I have completed my Bachelor's Of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering with majors and a crush on cybersecurity.

I have been playing a lot of CTFs, nowadays with Project Sekai and zh3r0 where I can be found doing crypto tasks. My areas of interests include Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, SMT/SAT solvers and programming in general.

In case you find some deuterium with a profile picture, with the same love for escher, fractals) and metal, its probably me.

This personal blog is aimed towards documenting my interests, research and interesting finds.


Enthusiastic employer with interest evoking challenging problems? Hire Me


Always feel free to DM(direct message) on discord, Username: deuterium#3368. (subject to change if I get Nitro :P)
Or any other convenient medium of choice linked below.

HACK THE PLANET :metal: :metal: :metal: