A library/package in disguise which trolls/teaches self-proclaimed hacker script-kiddies the hard way (non-harmful) about using stuff properly, with an understanding



This library is aimed towards reduction in the number of illiterate (literally), often malicious script-kiddies by teaching them or trolling them otherwise, giving them lessons to be honest and responsible about their decisions.
Perhaps this would clear some of the mis-conceptions of general public (atleast script-kiddies) created by weird movies.

This package would be disguised and marketed as an omnipotent hacking tool which can help in hacking anything from your ex’s Instagram to NASA likewise, giving the user a pseudo-functionality to momentarily believe that the tool works and then pulling out the bait (some creative way which is either non-harmful but embarrasing or reversibly-pseudo-harmful so that they learn otherwise). The README would be changed in future iterations promising to be a valid-looking tool. Script kiddies wont bother looking into git-history :smile:


List of available/to be implemented features/modules can be found in features.md. All common google hacker queries should be listed there.

Spread a word

Got script-kiddie friends? give them a good time :wink:
Got awesome developers with evil ideas? Let them know
Are you interested in doing something silly-good? You are welcome!


Future Expectations

This README is for developers, not HaCKeRs. This is expected to be replaced with a fake README.md which will describe HoWtoHaCk.
This file shall be moved to a source file or README.py cause hey, if they ever read the source.