Challenges are the way to get quick hands on tasks and challenges made by me.
There will be plenty of hands-on experience through a guided set of static challenges.
There will be a couple of jeopardy style tasks which you are supposed to do. On completing a task, you will recieve a flag which you can submit in the text box to verify the correctness of you solution.
If done correctly, the message Absolutely correct! 🥳 should pop up. Incorrect, try harder 🥺 will pop up otherwise. So be careful while submitting.
Also note that all the flags would be case sensitive.

This is a statically-hosted site, you would not get any points by solving the challenges, imagine virtual pats on completing a challenge or let me know about it on discord :smile:

Now its time for you to check out your first task!


This is just a sample task depicting the flag format i.e. what would a flag look like.
Go on and paste flag{th15_15_wh47_4_54mpl3_fl46_l00k5_l1k3!!} into the text box below. You should see the confirmation if you did it correctly.

Enter the flag: Check Flag


There can be often files associated to an assignment. They will be provided either as a download link or alternatively could be found at corresponding assignment in the github repository
Go on submit the second flag!

Enter the flag: Check Flag


Have you stalked me enough?
I bet you didn’t, better go to my github profile to find the flag :wink:

Enter the flag: Check Flag

We can see you rocking already!!!

Want to share your solutions?

We all love reading and creating writeups! You are free to create and publish writeups for the assignments to flex your cool out of the box solutions or just to teach your peers how to solve a challenge :heart:
Just drop in the link to your github repository or merely a gist containing the solution.
Who knows one might get some prizes or cute little surprises :wink: