zh3r0 2020 Crypto - Double Fish


Double Fish


There two fishes in the Xander's Operative Register
A flag is waiting for you when you catch both.


Author : Finch

Challenge Files

cat chall.txt

Now, this is very GUESSY as it is Deadfish esolang, whose interpreter I found at dcode.fr

The decoded string comes out to be pFvkylIBH33Qlu0t7rgPk98SrYGz5kt1pKe+2lCKxZ0= which looks to be the ciphertext or maybe key

Again, whats up with _0m\K2!2%\ggrdups\vd~gq part? There may be XOR included taking a hint from Xander's Operative Register

Now, I couldnt solve this challenge in the ctf, the stuff was soo guessy. This part is written post ctf from discussions.

Someone said xoring _0m\K2!2%\ggrdups\vd~gq with the key 0x143 gave us the key K3y__1511_sdfgasg_bgjde, which is the key to Blowfish cipher. We can get the flag using this site

and we get the flag


Wait, i have too many questions

I wrote this script to bruteforce the XOR

cat solve.py
import string
from itertools import product
k = '_0m\K2!2%\ggrdups\vd~gq'

def xor(str1, str2):
    """perform string xor on str1 and str2 and return string"""
    len_1 = len(str1)
    len_2 = len(str2)
    if len_1 >=len_2:
        return "".join(chr(ord(str1[i])^ord(str2[i%len_2])) for i in range(len_1) )
        return "".join(chr(ord(str1[i%len_1])^ord(str2[i])) for i in range(len_2) )

for keysize in range(1,3):
    possible_keys = []
    for key_pos in range(keysize):
        current_keys = []
        for ch in range(256):
            if all( i in string.printable[:95] for i in xor(chr(ch), k[key_pos::keysize] )):
    for key in product(*possible_keys):

No results are produced
No reasonable results are produced with key size above 3 (there are too many valid decryptions)
I tried testing the 0x143 key, which would be \x14\x31\x43, and it produces, 'K\x01NHz\x115\x03\x06HVDfUVdB(pODe'. Hmm, nothing meaningful either
So I tested \x14\x03, which produces 'K3y__1511_sdfgasg\x08p}sr'
Which is clearly not the one I get. Moreover, no python module produced valid blowfish decryption. Why is the challenge so GUESSY

I seek relief :)

Clarified, thanks @jack

Issue with the key

The key was indeed 0x1403, NOT 0x143, its the weird way how CyberChef interprets 0x143 into 0x1403 which could have made the author into beliving that the key ix 0x143 :)

Whats the issue with the key above?

I completely missed the point that the ciphertext contains \v in it, hence it interprets it as special escaped character for vertical tab and hence I was getting wrong decryptions.

Fixing my solve.py script, I indeed get a lot of valid decryptions now :)

Whats up with blowfish?

It was not very evident which mode of blowfish was used. Spending some time, I found it was CBC mode and was just a matter of IV I tested out in two different modules

import blowfish
import base64
key = b'K3y__1511_sdfgasg_bgjde'
ct = base64.b64decode('pFvkylIBH33Qlu0t7rgPk98SrYGz5kt1pKe+2lCKxZ0=')
b = blowfish.Cipher(key)

Or alternatively using pycryptodome

from Crypto.Cipher import Blowfish
key = b'K3y__1511_sdfgasg_bgjde'
ct = base64.b64decode('pFvkylIBH33Qlu0t7rgPk98SrYGz5kt1pKe+2lCKxZ0=')
B = Blowfish.new(key,Blowfish.MODE_CBC,ct[:8])

Which produces correct plaintext!!
There is still something funky about blowfish, which needs to be figured out

>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])
>>> B.decrypt(ct[8:])

It produces correct decryption only once, the first block seems corrupted later on.
Clarification time :)

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